Badu Networks

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Company Overview

Badu Networks, a market leader in TCP optimization, delivers innovative software and appliance solutions that maximize network ROI and improve user experience by delivering up to 10x improvements in throughput on existing WAN, Wi-Fi, and mobile networks.  In 2017, CIO Review recognized Badu Networks as one of the 20 most promising networking solution providers.  For more information, visit


Product Overview

The leading cause of network throughput collapse is jitter, common with today’s streaming applications that transmit huge volumes of data in bursts, compounded by virtualization jitter from public and private clouds that often host them, and RF interference, fading and channel access conflict over “last-mile” mobile and Wi-Fi connections. TCP treats jitter as congestion, slowing traffic to prevent data loss until throughput collapses, even when plenty of bandwidth is available.   Only Badu Networks’ patented WarpTCP™ filters out the impact of jitter, delivering up to 10x improvements in performance and throughput on existing WAN, Wi-Fi and mobile networks.

Products that leverage WarpTCP™ include WarpGateway for Wi-Fi and 5G FWA networks, WarpEngine for WAN and Mobile networks, and WarpVM for public and private cloud environments.  These products require no changes to clients or servers, and can be installed at any single point on a wired or wireless network, unlike competing dual-ended solutions.



In Wi-Fi networks, WarpGateway™ is installed between the WAN gateway modem connecting the home or business to the internet and the Wi-FI AP/Router, to filter out jitter caused by fading, RF, and cross channel interference.





For 5G FWA (Fixed Wireless Access) installations, WarpGateway is installed between the the mobile network operator’s CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) which converts the 5G signal into Wi-Fi, and the router.






To filter out jitter caused by applications hosted at in-house data centers, WarpEngine™ can be installed on the wired network closest to the servers.  Optionally, WarpGateway can be installed at each branch office to eliminate local Wi-Fi network jitter.






To eliminate poor performance caused by cloud-hosted application jitter, as well as virtualization jitter due to VM crosstalk and hypervisor packet transfer delays, a WarpVM™ instance can be installed in any public or private cloud environment, with the option of using WarpGateway behind the firewall to filter out any local Wi-Fi network jitter.