VMware Carbon Black

Company Overview

Carbon Black is the leading provider of next-generation endpoint security. With more than 9 million endpoints under management, Carbon Black has more than 3,000 customers, including 30 of the Fortune 100. These customers use Carbon Black to replace legacy antivirus, lock down critical systems, hunt threats, and protect their endpoints from the most advanced cyber attacks, including non-malware attacks.

Find out more at www.carbonblack.com.

Product Overview

Cb Defense
Cb Defense is the most powerful next-generation antivirus solution. Using a combination of endpoint and cloud-based technologies, Cb Defense empowers IT and InfoSec professionals to stop more attacks, including both malware and increasingly common non-malware attacks that exploit memory, PowerShell, and other scripting languages. Cb Defense is a lightweight, easy solution that protects your systems, provides visibility into attack patterns and behavior, and enables administrators with simple tools for response and remediation.

Cb Response
Cb Response is the market-leading incident response and threat hunting solution. Only Cb Response continuously records and centralizes all endpoint activity, giving Incident Responders, SOC analysts, and MSSPs the complete, real-time information they need to understand exactly how attackers are targeting their organization so they can identify root cause, hunt anomalous behavior, and isolate threats. With Cb Response, you can streamline alert validation, accelerate investigations, reduce dwell time, eliminate unnecessary reimaging, and limit IT involvement in the security lifecycle process.

Cb Protection
Cb Protection is the market-leading application control solution. With Cb Protection, IT, compliance, infrastructure, and security teams establish automated software execution controls and protection policies that safeguard corporate and customer data. Cb Protection works with existing software distribution systems and reputation services to automate approval of trusted software and eliminate whitelist management.