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Keysight provides security solutions that make networks and applications stronger through rigorous testing and use of a powerful network visibility platform that delivers security resilience and application intelligence. Enterprises, governments and service providers use Ixia solutions to improve network and security operations (NetOps and SecOps) and IT management through an end-to-end visibility infrastructure that includes physical and virtual networks, applications, and security.

Networking Visibility and Security Insights and Trends

Ixia Network Visibility, Security and Test Insights and Trends

Ixia High Level Insights and Trends

IXIA Hawkeye Customer Experience

IXIA Hawkeye Customer Experience

2019 Ixia Security Report

INTRODUCTIONWelcome to the third annual Security Report issued by Ixia, a Keysight business. Each year, the Ixia Application and Threat Intelligence (ATI) Research Center summarizes the most interesting and prominent internet security trends. We analyze ATI data to help organizations understand where they can improve. We also analyze the data to predict the biggest hotspots for the coming year. In all our work, we aspire to help cybersecurity professionals strengthen their security posture by sharing knowledge of active exploits, new and old.

Vision Edge 1S – Visibility and Performance Monitoring for the Edgeless Enterprise

Get security and performance monitoring at the edge of your network. Learn more at: As the Internet of Things, 5G, cloud, and edge computing architectures expand networking environments, the demand for edge visibility is skyrocketing. While these technologies allow for a greater distribution of computing and communicating devices, they pose significant challenges such as latency, security, and distributed network performance management. Vision Edge 1S, Ixia’s newest packet broker, solves these issues by offering dedicated resources for packet processing and network performance monitoring at the edge.Vision Edge 1S combines packet and flow collection so legacy monitoring and security tools can be deployed in a distributed architecture. This enables you to perform network performance monitoring and analysis at your network’s edge — helping your branch sites detect and troubleshoot problems faster and easier.Tailor-made to deliver packet-level visibility across all your branch sites and remote locations, Vision Edge 1S bolsters your security and network performance tools by capturing, filtering, and load-balancing packet data at the edge of your network. With Ixia’s industry-leading visibility intelligence, you can rest easy knowing your security and monitoring tools are being fed by the gold standard in actionable intelligence.#NetworkPacketBroker #NetworkVisibility #EdgeComputing #IoT #NetworkPerformanceMonitoring #NetworkSecurity #Security #EdgelessEnterprise

Solution Brief: Testing as a Service

Security devices and infrastructure may operate as advertised, but how they react to real-world threats is another story. Ixia security testing as a service (TaaS) evaluations provide a fast, accurate, and reliable means of validating that security infrastructures and devices will work reliably when they’re needed most.

What is a Network Packet Broker—and Why Do You Need One?

Keeping networks safe, and users thriving amidst the relentless flux requires a host of sophisticated tools performing realtimeanalysis. Your monitoring infrastructure might feature network and application performance monitors (NPM/APM), data recorders, and traditional network analyzers, while your defenses leverage firewalls, intrusion prevention systems (IPS), data loss prevention (DLP), anti-malware, and other point solutions.

Product Overview

Featured Networking Visibility and Security Solutions

Ixia Solutions Portfolio

Ixia Solutions Portfolio

  • Ixia: Visibility for the Enterprise

  • Better performance and security begin with better visibility into what’s taking place on the network. Browse this showcase to learn more about the value and critical components of an end-to-end visibility architecture that improves network and application performance, security, and ROI before and after deployment.

  • Ixia Vision Network Packet Brokers (NPBs)

  • Better performance and security start with better visibility, and intelligent packet brokers are essential to the process. Learn what a network packet broker (NPB) is, what it does, and how it streamlines management, security, and compliance while reducing cost and the burden on operations teams.

  • A Life-cycle Approach to Securing Your Network

  • Find the Holes Before They Do It’s not a matter of whether your business network will be attacked, but when. With debilitating attacks making headlines worldwide, a lifecycle approach to security is needed that includes: Selecting the best and most cost-effective devices and defenses based on quantitative dataEnsuring company personnel will be ready when inevitable attacks occurMaintaining up-to-date threat intelligence on the latest attacksMaintaining visibility and optimizing the use of security and monitoring tools in live networks Ixia security solutions and assessment services let you proactively assess security defenses by applying realistic traffic and attack scenarios. Solutions include device testing, an inline security framework that streamlines deployments, real-time threat intelligence, and powerful cyber range training to ensure your team is ready.

  • Ixia ThreatARMOR

  • Learn how making Ixia’s ThreatARMOR IP intelligence gateways part of security infrastructures and upgrades reduces the burden on firewalls and other inline devices and the SecOps team itself. ThreatARMOR reduces the network attack surface by blocking unwanted traffic to reduce overhead, false positives and “alert fatigue.”