Company Overview

Silverlake MasterSAM, a leading technology company, headquartered in Singapore, with offices in Malaysia, India, Vietnam, Thailand and Philippines, is recognised as APAC CIO Outlook Top-25 Compliance Solutions Provider 2017. It offers proven solutions that meet industry-specific cybersecurity needs. Since 2004, Silverlake MasterSAM helps enterprises enhance their cybersecurity posture and fortify its expertise in the Privilege Access Management space. Our solutions are easy to deploy, flexible for customisation and addresses niche areas of the emerging trends in cybersecurity.

The company’s core product suite comprises of Privilege Management System, Star Gate, Analyst, Frontline, Secure @ Windows and Secure @ Linux/Unix. Each of these specialised products offer essential security and audit facilitating features that ensure that organisations not only secure their enterprise but also ensure accountability and transparency in the system, that is, complete visibility for all in the organisational hierarchy. Meeting the compliance requirements and mandates of the government bodies or international organisations no longer become a challenge.

Silverlake MasterSAM strongly views Cyber Security as its priority and actively promotes its importance by engaging in various public events and thought leadership seminars to drive the importance and active adoption of Cyber Security products and solutions for securing the enterprise IT platforms.