Welcome to M.Tech & Broadcom Aggregation Technical Support

Create a Broadcom Support Portal Profile (Note: if you already have a Broadcom Support Portal Profile skip this section)
  1. Create a Basic User Profile. Click HERE for instructions.
  2. Upgrade your Basic User Profile by adding a Site ID to your account. Click HERE for instructions.
Add additional Site ID (Note: if required, else skip this section)
  1. Navigate to the Broadcom Support Portal.
  2. Click Login and enter your Broadcom Support Portal login details.
  3. Add additional Site ID to your User Profile. Click HERE for instructions.
  4. To avoid delays and expedite processing, we strongly recommend registering using your corporate email domain. If registering to a company site that is not your own, please provide the name and contact person at the company that can provide approval for your access or request for an approval email from customer to allow you access to their Site ID. Once registered, you can begin using your Broadcom Support online account.
Once you have an upgraded Broadcom Support Portal Profile, follow these steps closely to open a support case.

*IMPORTANT* - Please allow up to 1hr after the creation of your Broadcom Support Portal Profile before accessing the Case Management Portal.
  1. Navigate to the Broadcom Support Portal of Symantec.
  2. Enter your Broadcom Support Portal login details.
  3. Click on the Case Overview tile or My Cases tab to access the Wolken Case Management page.
  4. If all your Broadcom Products & Services are supported by a single Support Partner, you'll receive the following pop-up message.
  5. Click Continue to be redirected to the appropriate Partner Wolken Case Management Portal, from where you can request support by clicking Create Request tab.
  6. If your Broadcom Products & Services are supported by Multiple Support Partners (i.e. Broadcom Support and Partner Support), then, you'll receive this pop-up message after clicking Case Management.
  7. Click Continue to be redirected to the My Entitlements Portal.
    Locate the product you require support on, by clicking the Site Name / Site ID -> Entitlements Details or by Searching with Product name / Serial number in the Search bar and then, click the Case icon, to be redirected to the appropriate Wolken Case Management Portal (i.e. Broadcom or Partner instance).

    If you hover over the cursor on the Case Icon, it shows up if you’re Supported by a Partner or Broadcom.
  8. Click Create Request to raise a support case.
Support Response Times
Problem SeveritySeverity Level DefinitionsInitial Call Service Level Objective
Severity 1A problem has occurred where no workaround is immediately available in one of the following situations: (i) your production server or other mission-critical system is down or has had a substantial loss of service; or (ii) a substantial portion of your mission-critical data is at a significant risk of loss or corruption.1 hour, 24/7
Severity 2A problem has occurred where a major functionality is severely impaired. Your operations can continue in a restricted fashion, although long-term productivity might be adversely affected.2 Business Hours
Severity 3A problem has occurred with a limited adverse effect on your business operations.4 Business Hours
Severity 4A problem where your business operations have not been adversely affected.8 Business Hours
Please be aware that while problems of all severities may be logged on a 24x7 basis, case-handling priority is given to severity 1 problems. Lower ranked severities are addressed within regional business hours. Depending on the time of the day a problem is logged therefore, a response may not be provided until the next regional business day.
Broadcom Support Policies
Please refer to the following link for the complete Broadcom Support Policies.
Call Support
*24x7 phone support is available for Severity 1 cases only.
HONG KONG800969130
INDONESIA (PTI)0018030163013
INDONESIA (Nikas)0078030163013
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