Company Overview

Cyberbit was founded in 2015 to solve a critical problem: cybersecurity teams are not prepared for attacks. Organizations invest heavily in security products, but conventional training approaches do not equip them with the skills to use these products effectively. Lack of skills, rather than the lack of technology, has become the primary challenge in stopping security breaches.

Cyberbit’s mission is to maximize the performance of security teams, by offering them an alternative to conventional training: a completely new way to develop hands-on skills and train, so they can excel in their jobs.

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Product Overview

The Market Leading
Cyber Skill Development Platform

  • Zero to Hero: Labs, cyber range, and combined learning paths
  • World’s largest catalog of simulated attacks
  • Real-world, reversed-engineered attacks
  • Commercially licensed security tools
  • Massive, enterprise-grade virtual networks
  • Integrated with MITRE ATT&CK and the NICE Framework
  • Cloud-based and on-demand
  • Individual and team training