Company Overview

With an analyst-recognized wide portfolio of Application, Data, and Cloud Security solutions, Imperva protects businesses from ever-changing cybercriminal attacks by securing the mission-critical applications and data that they rely on. Once deployed, Imperva solutions proactively identify, evaluate and eliminate current and emerging threats, so businesses never have to choose between innovating for their customers and protecting what matters most.
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Products Overview

Application Security

Applications have become mission-critical for organizations looking to drive rapid growth. They help facilitate customer reach around the world and can act as the primary business model. These applications require protection from security threats, yet end-users demand high availability and an uninterrupted experience, which can make for a tough balancing act. To meet this need, Imperva Application Security empowers organizations to protect their applications and mitigate risk while also providing an optimal user experience.

Attack Analytics

Mitigate and respond to real security threats quickly and decisively with actionable intelligence across all your layers of defense.

  • Automatically correlate and extract meaningful narratives from thousands of security events, using machine learning
  • Reduce risk by combating alert fatigue
  • See attacks from the edge to the heart of the network, incorporating behavioral attack data from every customer we protect

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Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Cloud WAF and WAF Gateway allow legitimate traffic through and keep bad traffic out. Whether your applications and APIs are hosted in the cloud or on-premises – protect them at the edge with an enterprise-class WAF.

  • Out-of-the-box option deploy in blocking mode with little to no tuning and near-zero false positives
  • Automatic OWASP threat protection backed by a team of security experts
  • Highly configurable to allow tight security for your specific applications
  • Machine learning dynamically profiles application structure and usage, blocking anomalies and illegal traffic

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DDoS Protection

Maintain uptime no matter what. Prevent any type of DDoS attack – of any size – from blocking access to your website & network infrastructure.

  • Best-in-the-industry 3-second mitigation SLA
  • Automatic detection and mitigation
  • Available in always-on or on-demand mode
  • 44 global scrubbing centers, 6+ Tbps of scrubbing capacity at 65 billion Packets-Per-Second (PPS)

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Runtime Application Self-Protection

Secure your applications with a single plugin that protects both legacy and modern applications against previously-known and zero-day attacks.

  • Push code into production fast with security embedded
  • Autonomous protection blocks real-time attacks without added latency
  • Works in any type of deployment architecture including on-premises, in the cloud, and in containers

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API Security

Enable your DevOps and Security teams the flexibility to quickly publish their APIs with the added visibility required to secure all your endpoints.

  • Automatic positive security model generation with each OpenAPI Specification file
  • Simplified management of protection for both websites and APIs
  • Seamless integration with leading API Management vendors

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Bot Management

Protect your websites, mobile applications, and APIs from automated threats without affecting the flow of business-critical traffic.

  • Accurately detect and stop web scraping, online fraud attempts, account takeover, credential stuffing, vulnerability scanning, and more
  • Detects and blocks the most sophisticated bots
  • Real-time bad bot behavior across our network correlates with the largest known violators database
  • Pinpoint anomalies with biometric data validation and rate limits based on device fingerprints
  • Vigilant service from the most experienced bot experts in the world

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Application Delivery

Improve website performance and reduce bandwidth costs with a developer-friendly CDN. Cache static resources at the edge while accelerating dynamic websites and APIs.

  • Fast onboarding with a simple DNS change
  • Offload origin bandwidth via automatic content profiling
  • Layer 7 cloud load balancing with redirect and rewrite rules

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Data Security

Imperva Data Security reduces your security and compliance risk while enabling digital transformation. It protects your data on-premises and in the cloud by discovering sensitive data, monitoring all data activity, stopping unauthorized access, uncovering risky users and suspicious actions, providing actionable security insights and masking data for non-production use.

Data Risk Analytics

Discover risky data activity and prevent a data breach before any damage happens. Investigate more data threats faster. Reduce risk with a proactive security approach and actionable insights.

  • Distills billions of audit events into a manageable number of security insights
  • Provides granular risk context into how data is being used by whom with machine learning and behavior analytics
  • Explains incidents in plain language to accelerate investigation and reduce risk

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Data Monitoring and Protection

No one accesses your data without you knowing about it. Audit all data activity, including local privileged users and applications. Get immediate detection and split-second response to threats.

  • Stops threats in real-time with pre-built or custom security policies that block unauthorized activity
  • Automatically captures detailed audit trail showing who accessed what data, when and what was done to the data for compliance and forensics
  • Enables consistent oversight across a wide range of environments – databases, big data, clouds, mainframes and more

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Data Discovery and Classification

Know what sensitive data you have, and where it lives. Reduce risks to security and compliance by discovering new, forgotten, or rogue databases. Identify data stores in scope for compliance.

  • Automates discovery of databases on-premises or in the cloud
  • Identifies sensitive, regulated data for compliance mandates (e.g. PCI, HIPAA, GDPR)
  • Examines database content and metadata for pre-defined and custom data types

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Database Vulnerability Assessments

Find security gaps that attackers can exploit. Scan databases for vulnerabilities and misconfigurations. Get recommendations on remedial actions.

  • Identifies vulnerabilities and misconfigurations for databases on-premises or in the cloud
  • Leverages over 1,500 pre-defined assessments, based on CIS and DISA STIG benchmarks

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Data Masking

De-identify sensitive data in non-production environments. Safely unlock the power of your data. Mitigate data breach risks. Comply with data privacy and protection regulations.

  • Replaces sensitive data with fictional, but realistic values using multiple transformation techniques
  • Maintains data utility with referential integrity and statistical accuracy
  • Delivers enterprise-class scalability and performance by masking large volumes of data quickly and easily
  • Supports a broad range of data stores

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File Security

Stop ransomware in its tracks. Protect sensitive files from cybercriminals and malicious insiders.

  • Uses policy-based monitoring and deception technology
  • Detects ransomware-infected users and blocks them from connecting to file shares in real-time
  • Pinpoints risky file access activity by leveraging data risk analytics
  • Blocks or quarantines risky users

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Cloud Security

Deploy your applications and data where you want. When you want. Imperva keeps them secure in the cloud, on premises, and in hybrid clouds. Learn More.