Company Overview

Proofpoint is an innovative security-as-a-service vendor that delivers data protection solutions that help organizations protect their data from attack and enable them to effectively meet the complex and evolving regulatory compliance and data governance mandates that have been spawned from highly publicized data breaches. Our integrated suite of on-demand data protection solutions span threat management, regulatory compliance, data governance and secure communications—-all of which are based on a common security-as-a-service platform.


Product Overview


Threat Protection

Proofpoint Enterprise Protection™
Effectively blocks known threats and predictively blocks new, emerging threats and campaigns. Rich email policy options enable fine-tuning of email routing, handling, and quarantine rules.

Targeted Attack Protection™
Dynamically analyzes and blocks the malicious URLs and attachments that can evade antivirus and reputation filters. Leverages cloud-based big data and threat intelligence analytics to predictively detect malicious URLs in unsolicited emails and block user clicks before they can lead to a compromise.

Proofpoint Threat Response™
Automatically collects important context data to help security teams quickly understand and respond to detected security threats. Integrates with existing security infrastructure to block verified threats, quarantine infected users, and protect additional users from being infected.


Proofpoint Enterprise Privacy™
Protect your sensitive email messages while ensuring your affiliates, business partners and end users still have seamless access to those secured messages on their computers or mobile devices. Email encryption policies can be triggered based on structured, unstructured or keyword/regular expression content matches identified by our DLP engine.

Proofpoint Secure Share™
Share files securely, eliminate large attachments clogging your main email infrastructure, and prevent users from resorting to unsecure public file-sharing services. Information can be encrypted during upload, download, and at rest—while DLP and regulatory compliances policies are automatically enforced according to your specifications.

Proofpoint Enterprise Content Control™
Seamlessly integrates with Proofpoint Enterprise Privacy to enforce policies for both data in motion and data at rest across file servers, SharePoint and more.


Proofpoint Enterprise Archive™
Unified platform to capture, preserve, and deliver email, IM, documents, and social content—providing streamlined discovery, simplified regulatory compliance, and consistently fast information access.

Proofpoint Enterprise Governance™
Track, classify, monitor and control retention and disposition of data across the enterprise—regardless of where it is located. Digital Thread™ technology works like a GPS system for documents, tracking an enterprise document as it moves throughout your infrastructure without requiring additional systems investment, complex data migration, or change in the way that users collaborate around specific information.

Proofpoint Enterprise Collaboration Archiving
Allows organizations to employ policy-based controls to capture social and enterprise collaboration content so that it can be managed as any other critical information asset. Proofpoint captures all content and converts it to email form in real-time – even if a user deletes that content – ensuring you remain compliant with your regulatory obligations.

Social Media Brand Protection and Compliance
Monitor your social media accounts for risk and compliance with Proofpoint Nexgate solutions. When you set up your Nexgate account, you can scan Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other properties to find and audit brand affiliated accounts, manage access and connected applications, filter abusive or offensive content, archive communications, and prevent fraud and account hacking.