Company Overview

SecurityScorecard provides instant visibility into enterprise security posture as well as the cyberhealth of all vendors and partners in any organization’s ecosystem. The platform uses trusted commercial and open-source threat feeds, and nonintrusive data collection methods, to quantitatively evaluate and continuously monitor the security posture of thousands of organizations worldwide. SecurityScorecard delivers the most accurate, transparent, and comprehensive security risk ratings available for small to large enterprises in every industry sector.


Product Overview

SecurityScorecard is a security ratings service and ecosystem risk management platform that enables internal security teams, vendor risk managers, procurement and M&A teams, and cyber insurance underwriters to assess their security posture and that of their third-party vendors and partners, M&A targets or potential policyholders to collaboratively reduce ecosystem risk and make better cybersecurity decisions.

Security Ratings
SecurityScorecard enables users to view and continuously monitor security ratings, easily add vendors or partner organizations, and report on the cyberhealth of their ecosystems. The platform automatically generates a recommended action plan for issue remediation in order to achieve a “target” letter grade for customers and their vendor and partner organizations. It also provides access to breach insights and shows a clear record of issues that have impacted scores over time. Additional collaboration tools help enterprises better manage cyber security and ensure continuous compliance with regulatory standards and frameworks.

API Connectors
SecurityScorecard has developed the most sophisticated data collection and attribution capabilities in the industry. We collect terabytes of data on hundreds of thousands of entities worldwide and we have forward-based threat intelligence capabilities delivered through our proprietary sensor network which spans the globe. Our data science and machine learning capabilities turn that telemetry into intelligence that can be used to identify risks and prevent exploits. Through API Connectors, we make this data consumable by technology companies, insurers, rating agencies, security teams and more.

Atlas accelerates the due diligence questionnaire exchange process by enabling organizations to easily send, manage, and review questionnaires at scale.

The ThreatMarket™ data engine leverages sophisticated reconnaissance capabilities to build the industry’s most comprehensive and relevant security intelligence database. ThreatMarket uses advanced machine learning algorithms to reliably predict risk, precisely attribute findings, and accurately calculate a cyber security score.