Company Overview

Tufin® is the leader in Network Security Policy Orchestration, serving more than half of the top 50 companies in the Forbes Global 2000. Tufin simplifies management of some of the largest, most complex networks in the world, consisting of thousands of firewall and network devices and emerging hybrid cloud infrastructures. Enterprises select the award-winning Tufin Orchestration SuiteT to increase agility in the face of ever-changing business demands while maintaining a robust security posture. Tufin reduces the attack surface and meets the need for greater visibility into secure and reliable application connectivity. Its network security automation enables enterprises to implement changes in minutes with proactive risk analysis and continuous policy compliance. Tufin serves over 1,900 customers spanning all industries and geographies; its products and technologies are patent-protected in the U.S. and other countries. Find out more at www.tufin.com


Product Overview

Conquering the Top Challenges of Network Security Policy

With the increasing complexity of today’s enterprise networks and growing number of business-critical applications, organizations have their hands full. Managing a secure network has become a resource-intensive and high-risk operation. Businesses today can no longer rely on outdated, manual processes to overcome the leading IT security management challenges:

  • Complexity: In addition to thousands of firewall rules and objects distributed across vendors, security policies now span across physical networks, private and public cloud platforms.
  • Constant Change: Dozens of network change requests per week make it difficult to maintain the accuracy and integrity of organizations’ security policies.
  • Cybersecurity: The growing frequency and sophistication of cyberattacks demands defining and enforcing a central security policy for protecting sensitive systems and data on the network
  • Connectivity: Misconfigurations and human errors may lead to service downtime and ultimately, lost revenue.
  • Compliance: Undetected violations to the organizational security standards may lead to penalties of non-compliance with industry regulations. Still some organizations take that risk in order to avoid the costs of audit preparation.

Tufin helps to ease the complexity associated with managing thousands of applications and network devices in hybrid network environments through policy-based automation.

Tufin Orchestration Suite

For enterprises struggling with large and complex networks and the constant changes that business demands, the need to make configuration changes both rapidly and securely becomes vital. Tufin’s market-leading Orchestration Suite enables organizations to implement network security changes in minutes with built-in compliance with security standards via policy-based automation. It orchestrates connectivity changes end-to-end across hybrid networks, business units, and management systems.

Tufin’s Orchestration Suite is a complete solution for automatically designing, provisioning, analyzing and auditing network security changes from the application layer down to the network layer. It minimizes misconfigurations and redoes for tighter security, rapid service delivery, continuous compliance and business continuity.


  • Accelerates service delivery and increases IT network agility with policy-based automation
  • Enforces continuous compliance with industry regulations and internal security standards
  • Increases productivity by reducing audit preparation efforts
  • Improves accuracy for network changes, tuned for better performance and security
  • Ensures business continuity by reducing network and application downtime as well as Mean Time To Resolution
  • Reduces complexity with central visibility and control across vendors and platforms of the hybrid network