Company Overview

Veramine Incorporation, specialized in building cybersecurity endpoint products, has been awarded annual contracts from U.S. Department of Defense, U.S. Airforce, U.S. Department of Homeland Security (recommending Veramine as a platform for financial and banking sector), ANZ Bank, and other important customers… Veramine offers a best-value 3-in-1 suite of products with best performance, where many elite features are packaged into 1 single super-lightweight sensor (averaged about 1% CPU and 20 MB RAM). The suite can be On-premise or Cloud, and for SOC, that can be the best defense against cyber incidents both externally and internally.


Product Overview

– Endpoint Detection and Response (VEDR), a main anti-APT tool set, with many unique features such as Yara memory search, to effectively provide Detection, Investigation, Response, Data Collection

– Dynamic Deception System (VDDS), a Platform of Traps, such as Deceptive services, processes, mutexes, credentials, network listeners, data shares, as Active Defense to Detect and Prevent attacks

– Insider Threat Prevention (VITP), combining Advanced Controls of Users, Data and Devices, such as Key loggers, Screenshots, USB Tracking and Permissions, Digital Forensics using Velociraptor


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